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Amelia Nicodemus

Murfreesboro, Tennessee | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 2 Certified
Member Since:
Feb 2020

Empowerment is more than a word. It's more than an understanding of confidence. It's the mortar between the bricks of a person's sense of value here in life on earth. When it's used for good, when its healthy and positive, it's crucial to shaping goals, aspirations, and human life and sending us in a direction that only betters humanity. -Anthony William, Medical Medium

Welcome beautiful Soul!

I fell in love with all things Medical Medium in 2017 after I had been working as a nurse in the ICU and was struggling with trying to make sense of all the chronic suffering I was witnessing and feeling like I was not truly helping people heal but just covering up symptoms. I was so distraught, confused, and depressed being apart of the conventional medical establishment at that time. Thats when I came across the Medical Medium books and my whole paradigm on what truly can heal chronic conditions and illnesses began. I started applying the information to my own life, with my varying degrees of different conditions ranging from staph skin and strep infections, acne, bloating, HPV, burst reproductive cysts (most likely undiagnosed PCOS at the time), hormonal problems, IBS, depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and brain fog. I am still in process of healing some of this conditions but I have faith I will heal as I unearth new layers of healing overtime. I am so full of gratitude and thankfulness to God for this truly rich source of information contained in the Medical Medium books.

As I have been healing physically over the years I have come to believe that we are all intricate physical emotional spiritual energetic beings that also need spiritual and soul-healing support. This support has helped me immensely in my healing journey of depression, anxiety, insecurity, repression of my voice and my physical movement. This support is Circle. I have found that woman’s circles are the healing balm, the nourishing honey, the call and permission given to oneself to step into being fully expressed as a woman, to play our edge and yet thrive as we heal and grow in a community of sisters.

I AM SO EXCITED to bring fourth this new creation of Circle with a focus on Medical Medium healing infused within Circle based on his vast array of information from his many platforms. This has been a dream of mine to saturate my love of facilitating Circle with Spirit of Compassions healing information.

I didn’t know I needed Circle until I was in it.

I didn’t know there was a way to truly heal chronic health conditions until I was empowered with Spirit of Compassion’s healing information.

In Circle we can go from isolated and separated to a place to commune with other woman where we don’t feel so alone. As woman we can feel so disconnected from our truth and our bodies. In Circle we reconnect with our disconnected parts. It’s a place for authenticity, intimacy, and to be held wherever we are at. We can be witnessed in our present reality. Hearts open to each other to reconnect with ourselves.
I would say that most women don’t have a place to let go of the mask of shoulds and hiding the self. Most women don’t have a place to share what’s really going on in her life.
As women, we are emotional beings. Cyclical—it’s normal ladies to feel the highs and lows the changing and flowing. Many women may relate on a superficial level with one another but circle is a place to go underneath the surface. Circle is designed for it.

This is what Circle creates! Come join us.

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