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Beth Wade

Westmont, IL | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Jun 2020

If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to cry, cry. Whichever you do, do it from your heart.

Most women aren’t receiving the sacred self-care they deserve. They’re so stressed out that they yell at their kids, are distracted at work, and even damage their relationships with others as well as themselves. This can leave them feeling lost and joyless, which may cause them to lose hope.

That is why I have created a safe, healing space that will allow you to reconnect with yourself so that you may be more focused at work and most importantly – find more joy and ease in your relationships, hobbies, and activities.

When women have a safe space to be themselves, they feel connected, renewed, and joyful.
My name is Beth and I have been practicing Witch since the late 80s’, as well as a licensed massage therapist since 2013. Up until the fall of 2020 I owned and operated a successful women’s wellness spa in Chicago’s Loop. Over the years I’ve had the honor of walking with 100’s of women on their journey to self-discovery and sacred self-care, and am now bringing those experiences to you through the Magick of Circle.

VISIT THE SHOP : fundamental-magick.com ~~ follow me on social media @fundamental_magick (IG/TT)

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