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Maria Huerta

Calgary, Alberta | Canada |

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Sep 2019

“If someone touches my life, is a privilege, touch someone's life, it is an honor, but to help others to touch their own lives, is an indescribable pleasure” Milton Erickson

Maria has a holistic approach to health, recognizing the intimate relationship among body, mind and soul. Helping people, and in special women, is her passion. She seeks to support women’s current journey by creating an uplifting experience for them in a sacred space. Maria has the ability to listen in an empathetic and unconditional way to aid women recover their lost integrity and choose more authentic ways to behave and be in the world.

Through women circles, Maria found out a way to hold a safe container for transformation, where women can see beyond the veil without being afraid about darkness, and through the shadow of unconsciousness. The circle is the place to tap into the Divine feminine wisdom where we can know from our intuition and penetrate beyond the surface , where the truth lies.

After a lucrative 18-year career as an information technology engineer, Maria lived an unsatisfying life. Her soul desired to help people reach physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. During all her life, she has had a natural ability to heal using her hands and words. Realizing her true-life mission, Maria embraced her gifts and educated herself in the areas of health and healing. She left her career as an engineer and became a Clinical Psychologist. Later she earned a certificate in Coaching and a diploma in Massage therapy. She further trained in Psycho-Neuro Immunology, Neuro-Linguistic programming, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Maria’s life has been driven by the quest of searching for the deeper understanding of human spirituality. This led her to study Archetypal Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Meditation, yoga, Zen Buddhism, Shamanism and Sacred Sexuality. She has had the opportunity of doing the Camino de Santiago in Spain twice, and the Camino Inca, in Machu-Pichu, Peru.

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