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Susan Landa

Portland, Oregon | United States |

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Oct 2016

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

Susan’s journey began with a flame lit by Anita Diamant’s captivating historical novel, The Red Tent. The author depicts the Red Tent as a place women gathered in biblical times when they were on their moon — to take time out, nurture themselves and be with other women. Whenever Susan got her period after reading the book, she would think, ‘Darn it! I wish there was a Red Tent I could go to!’ After discovering many other women craved the same thing, Susan came up with a business model based on the Red Tent concept. As she works towards that goal, Susan hosts and facilitates Red Tent circles, bringing women together to connect and grow regardless of what part of the moon cycle they’re on, or whether they still have a moon cycle. The older she gets the more she sees how imperative it is that women gather together and rise up. The planet is hurting from too much toxic masculine energy. Susan believes we must come together to amplify the divine feminine and help heal the planet. Susan’s been holding Red Tent circles for over 4 years. She has no formal background in any kind of healing modality, just a burning desire to help women empower themselves and each other. Sistership Circle provides the perfect support and community to assist her in that endeavor. For more info and other events, please visit https://www.moondays.com.

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