The Gathering – “Litha, Summer Solstice” with Christie Eshelman in West Liberty on 06/18/2022

Christie's Home 112 Ravin Place, West Liberty, OH

Litha, Summer Solstice Do you want to make a change but don’t know where to start? Do you struggle to bring purpose, drive and structure to the ideas you have? Are you seeking a space to connect with and feel held by other women?   This time of year is when we celebrate the Sun as its most powerful. We […]


The Gathering – “Blossom” with Christie Eshelman online on 07/28/2022

Online 2301 Lakeshore Road, Online, Ontario

Blossom Do you long to reveal who you truly are? Do you want to be visible in all your authentic colors? Are you ready to embody your truth and be courageous?    In this month’s circle we’re revealing our true feminine essence and connecting to our worth as women simply by being who we are.  We’re reflecting on where we’ve […]


The Gathering – “Wild, Free & Unleashed” with Christie Eshelman online on 08/28/2022

Online/Virtual Online, /Virtual

  Wild, Free & Unleashed Do you ever feel like you just want to scream?  To feel the rage, anger, and grief that boils within you? Do you find yourself stuffing those emotions back down because society has taught you it’s not safe or acceptable to show them? Aren’t you tired of being the ‘good’ girl, of being perfect, of […]