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Christine Stapylton

Yattalunga, New South Wales | Australia |

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Facilitator Tribe
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Mar 2022

???? "My truth is my light and my light is my truth". ???? Answer your call to courage and share your vulnerabilities. It is one of the keys to living free from limiting beliefs so you can flourish abundantly in your own feminine empowerment.

Circles are important to me after a life struck with lessons of betrayal, particularly from people closest to me and being shut down, quietened, misunderstood, and ostracised. I’ve also mirrored that behavior to protect myself.

I had to reflect and re-align to my values through my own vulnerability and courage to speak and own my truth.

I want to flourish and celebrate the company of my Circle Sisters and hold space with you to fill our cups and spread the energy and medicine we receive back into our lives.

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