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Judith “Jai” Belton

Baltimore, MD | United States |

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Mar 2018

After all those years as a woman hearing: Not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not this enough, not that enough, almost overnight I woke up one morning and thought "I am enough." Anna Quindlen

Dr. Judith Belton (known as Dr. Jai) is a Master Facilitator with Sistership Circle, Somatic Coach and Certified Advance Trauma Recovery Coach with an earned doctorate in Pastoral Psychotherapy. She has designed her life to be the version that serves a higher good for all. Her decades long professional accomplishments in Coaching, Adult Learning, Therapeutic Practices, Consulting, Public Speaking and Curriculum Development have all relied on her ability to assist in a client led process developed through authenticity, empathetic listening and attunement. She loves a good joke, laughing, dancing, being near water (lake, stream, ocean or bath tub), and being with family and friends. Most of all, Dr. Jai enjoys circle work that creates a safe, sacred container of love and trust to support each sister’s journey. This foundational framework is evident in her coaching programs and circle work designed for women to heal the sister, mother and father wounds that might prevent a woman from standing in her true feminine power. “No sister left behind” is Dr. Jai’s favorite phrase, backed by a wholehearted approach to supporting women. You can also catch her reading, crafting, visiting museums, researching artifacts, taking pictures, and interacting with women across the globe. She’s particularly excited about the development of her Healing Collectives that are based on Sistership Circle’s framework of empowerment through integration. “I’ve spent, as I am sure others have, a part of my life living according to the negative messages that I received from early childhood and other trusted adults. I’d like to think they didn’t realize the magnitude of what they said but when I made the decision to reclaim my power and feminine essence all I had to do was come back to my heartbeat.” My natural rhythms and I have reconnected: so I’m not tied to a specific outcome and have fully embraced all of me: “the authentic me.” My circle have watched me laugh, cry, held me up, supported and encouraged, and celebrated with me. This all done from a place of loving support. Disconnection from who we are often begins in our childhood and we can spend the rest of our lives trying to be who we think others believe us to be. I have designed my life to be the version of me that serves a higher good for all.

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