The Gathering – Sistership Circle Day June: “Sol-Sister Celebration” with Julie-Anne Outhwaite in Brisbane on 06/19/2022

Julie-Anne's Home 29 Weston Drive, Bunya, Queensland

Drop into connection, sister. Sistership Circle Facilitators all over the world have co-created a day that celebrates the divine feminine and masculine. We have created a container that showers you with support, love, connection, journaling, dancing, and fun! Visionary sisterhood has been forgotten and it’s needed now more than ever. As modern day women, many times we are isolated, spending […]


The Gathering – “Reveal” with Julie-Anne Outhwaite in Bunya on 07/24/2022

Julie-Anne's Home 29 Weston Drive, Bunya, Queensland

Reveal Do you wish you had more time to play and feel free? What if you could reconnect to your magic?  Do you long to experience joy?   In this month’s circle we’re exploring what it feels like to be in connection with our inner child and all she has to offer.  We’re exploring when we first felt we needed […]