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Kristin Walcott

Pennsburg, Pennsylvania | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Jun 2020

You are the architect of your whole existence. When you truly believe in the power of your choices, then and only then, can you change the trajectory of your life.

I’m Kristin Figueroa. I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend, healer, teacher, writer, and overall student of life. In the 55+ years I have been blessed to walk this earth, I have acquired a lot of perspective and wisdom about the importance of fulfilling all of these roles within the context of who I truly am.

‪I’ve been financially challenged and divorced. I’ve sat in the hospital while my child had surgery. I’ve lost jobs and loved ones. I’ve had issues with body image. I’ve questioned God. I’ve struggled with toxic relationships and watched loved ones struggle with anxiety, addiction, and cancer.

I’ve also experienced great financial and personal success; built lasting, meaningful, and loving relationships; won a round or two with my body issues; tackled some emotional challenges; walked my spiritual path; and encouraged others through their personal journeys.

‪Through it all—my challenges and my successes—it’s my ability to connect with my authentic self that keeps me grounded and light and able to move forward with hope and a sense of inner peace. My best decisions come from that inner voice inside of me, not from all the outside noise around me. I learned to understand myself, to trust myself, to forgive myself, and ultimately, to love myself. And when you live your life from that place of self-love and self-care, you can’t help but be the best version of yourself for your family, your friends, your employer and coworkers, even the people you don’t like.

Over the years, I have learned to combine practical and magical tools and processes to achieve balance and transformation in my life and have guided others to do the same. ‪I cannot tell you who (or how) you really are, but I can help you discover your authentic self. My greatest joy is holding space for women so they may explore and recognize who they are innately, and how to emulate that in the world.

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