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Maria Therase Cucinotta

Dee Why, New South Wales | Australia |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Aug 2016

Womb and heart wisdom is the key to feminine wisdom ...

Maria Cucinotta lives and breathes the power of “the mysterious feminine” in her work as the creator of FEMME Alchemy, a transformational experience for women to connect with their feminine centre. Maria’s experience and training include professional Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor, NLP Master Trainer, Sistership Circle Facilitator, Holistic Image Consultant. Maria’s unique blend of knowledge and skills enables her to create a compassionate and powerful sacred space to help women of all ages achieve a lasting transformative experience, that embraces the feminine in an extraordinary way.

Maria is her own best testimonial. She actively uses her powerful arsenal of gentle but powerful work tools in her own life. She is no stranger to having experienced profound inner and outer shifts and having a sense of peace, balance and connection in her everyday life.

Maria is passionate about supporting women and teaching them the same ancient, yet practical tools for self-love. She integrates Feminine spirituality and leadership skills to help clients create beauty at the soul level so that they can radiate their love and light out into the world.  

When she doesn’t help women connect with their feminine power centre,  Maria can be found spending quality time with her daughters or travelling to one of the world’s most powerful places.

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