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Melva Hartzog

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Feb 2022

Yesterday cannot be changed. Tomorrow is yet in your power.

Melva is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is the founder of OpenMind Wellness Counseling Services, Inc., where she has been working with women struggling with various mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression. In addition to having earned a master’s in professional counseling and a Master of Divinity, Melva has been on a spiritual journey exploring alternative methods of health, healing, and spiritual growth.

Many of the challenges women face they face in isolation. They lack a sense of belonging to a family, other sisters, and community and feel unheard and unseen. Women have learned to suppress their feminine power, feminine energy expressed through their intuition, voice, beliefs, and values. Melva is passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine power and energy, use their feminine intuition, and feel safe to be who they are and who they are becoming.

Sistership Circle has been a vehicle in which Melva has learned in a unique yet powerful source of helping herself and others enjoy the community of sisters. Having experienced her own “sister wounds” throughout her life, she embraces the power of circles as a venue for herself and others to heal. “Sister wounds” are hurts and harms caused by women to women, frequently occurring because women feel in competition with one another rather than in community. Healing sister wounds allows women to be in community with one another, providing support and unity rather than opposition, targeting, gossiping, and judgment.

Melva has chosen, or perhaps has been chosen, to become a Sistership Circle facilitator to bring sisters together to heal and reclaim their feminine power and energy. Sistership circle is a space to express those wounds that keep us separate rather than united. Melva believes a sistership circle is a space for women to honor themselves and their sisters wherever they are on their life journey, a space to serve as a healing space. Melva believes sistership circles provide a space for community, connection, and collaboration.

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