The Gathering – “Hold Feminine Mystery” with Monique Adorno online on 01/30/2021

Online 2301 Lakeshore Road, Online, Ontario

Channel with the Mystic When you don’t like what you are feeling or experiencing, do you go straight to “letting go”?  Do you avoid the feeling and being with the emotions?  Are you aware of the power within you to transmute energy and become an open channel for life’s wisdom?     The Mystic is the one who is open, there […]


The Gathering – “Invoke the Lover Within” with Monique Adorno in Los Angeles on 03/06/2021

Deepen into Self-love Do you want to create more open and enriching communication within your relationships?  Do you want to communicate from a place of power, wisdom and wholeness?  Are you paying attention to the way you are communicating with yourself?   The Lover holds a strong line of communication with themselves.  Paying attention to your needs and desires and […]