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Selina Davis

Hemet, California | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Nov 2017

"Integrated into my masculine and feminine. Grounded in reality and spiritually connected. Tapped into my intuition. Glowing in my radiance. Magnetic and attractive because I am a clear channel. Expansive and full of love and light. Powerful in my knowing and trust in my leadership. Owning my value and worth. Sensual, creative and soft. Direct, clear on my boundaries, unshakeable. Vulnerable, sweet and compassionate." Open Your Heart - Tanya Paluso

Selina creates a space for women to tell their stories, talk about their roles, their gifts, their concerns, their visions ~ and in so doing, to move more fully into their own power and into connection with one another. Certified in the facilitation of women’s circles, Selina’s leadership in women circles includes her knowledge of many variations of circle work. Selina also coaches others on how to host and facilitate and offers a certification program in leading and organizing circles. She shares her lessons in a mini e-book as a part of a carefully written book of “Feminine Leadership Lessons” to help women remember how to hold space for witnessing and creating safe spaces for women to feel heard, seen, present and feel into personal healing. Selina contends that circles are: Empowerment-based & Communal-based & Hold Acknowledgment of Inner Wisdom. Just a few (of many) reasons for Selina’s passion to lead circle in the local community of Hemet, San Jacinto and nearby Riverside County communities in California, USA. She also offers online circles mothers and women or kin caregivers with loved ones that have special needs, disabilities or chronic illnesses. She is a Special Needs Advocate for families.

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