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Tarah Ziogas

Wolcott, Connecticut | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 2 Certified
Member Since:
Jun 2020

Connection is a gateway to love

Tarah has been led to the Sistership Circle community as it supports her need for community and encourages love through leaning in and digging deep. Her journey includes a 20 year marriage, a divorce, motherhood, and career success (despite a challenged upbringing). She is a certified in Holistic Life Coaching (2020), Gemstone Singing Bowl Level 1 (2019), Traditional Chinese Herbology (2007) and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (2007).

As a single Mother of two, she’s spent a lot of time focusing on being present for her daughters while supporting several businesses flourish financially and culturally. This hectic pace comes with the struggle of slowing down to listen and honor her inner voice. Thorough the years she’s always felt stifled spiritually, and it wasn’t until she understood emotional intelligence, the pieces began to come into place. Leading, and being part of, circle has allowed her to embrace her light and begin to share it comfortably with others.

She believes when you allow yourself to acknowledge past hurt through forgiveness and understanding, there is more room for love; self, relational and collective. It’s through circle she is able to be in a supportive environment where she can share her challenges and celebrations without judgement or fixing. It’s her intention to introduce circle to as many women as possible to create greater alignment of our feminine energy, thus creating connection, love.

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